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At Williams Family Lawyers, we truly are a family. We work together to achieve success.
We are only successful when you are successful.


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Throughout its distinguished history our law firm has strived for excellence and service.
Our lawyers guide families through some of their darkest times.

We can help you settle all issues that need to be resolved in your separation, divorce or other family law matter so that you can move forward with the next stage of your life.



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Feel Overwhelmed & Confused?

We know that our clients often feel overwhelmed and confused, and may not know their rights or options.
We have provided skilled and sympathetic support to clients throughout York Region and the GTA since 1998.


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Finding the Right Path for You.

Your family law case does not have to be a long and contentious dispute. There are other options to an expensive, time-consuming and stressful courtroom battle. These options include mediation, arbitration and collaborative family law.

At Williams Family Lawyers, in Markham and Vaughan, we will help you decide whether out-of-court methods are appropriate for you, and succeed at whatever method you choose.

Separation & Divorce

Williams Family Lawyers is focused on reaching practical, effective solutions for people going through divorce or separation. Our lawyers are committed to providing the highest level of quality legal services for our clients. We put your needs first and work to help you and your family move forward.

Custody & Access

Like you, our focus is on your children's best interests. Protecting your children from the turmoil of separation or divorce while ensuring an outcome that protects their well-being is paramount.

Support Issues

Williams Family Lawyers can help you make smart decisions whether you are going through a new separation, getting divorced, attempting to obtain the money you need to raise your children or fighting an unfair child support order.


Williams Family Lawyers has a rich tradition of getting results in court. While we advocate for alternative dispute resolution options, we know there are times when court is the best option. When mutual cooperation simply will not work or there are signs of abuse, manipulation or dishonesty, we will be your fierce advocates in court.


We truly are a family

Our Lawyers

Our firm attracts hard workers and high achievers dedicated to their clients and to the advancement of family law. With two of our former partners now serving as judges, we are always mentoring promising new lawyers who will carry on our firm's traditions and bring on board new enthusiasm and new skills.