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Our Team

Since 1998, our firm has attracted well-rounded, high-achieving lawyers who are dedicated to their clients, to their colleagues and to the advancement of family law.


About Williams Family Lawyers

Two of our former partners, Heather McGee and Laura Fryer (as they then were), have become judges on the Family Court Branch of the Superior Court of Justice. This high honour speaks to the experience, dedication and respect that they have brought to the firm and to the legal community. We continue to mentor promising new lawyers who will carry on our firm's traditions, enthusiasm and skills. Williams Family Lawyers congratulates our former partners, Justices McGee and Fryer.

We also congratulate our former office administrator, Michelle Rawana, on her acceptance to law school.

Our staff is an essential part of our team, as they support our lawyers and clients, and provide invaluable emotional and practical support.

Putting Clients at Ease

We understand that divorce and separation are stressful and that often, coming to see a lawyer only heightens the anxiety.

Our aim is to put our clients at ease. We strive to understand their emotional needs and give them a place where they can feel secure that their legal needs will be met. Learn about our initial consultations, legal fees and what we do to ensure your lawyer is the right fit for you by visiting our services page.



Our Lawyers

Cheryl Suann Williams

Cheryl has gained a reputation as a skilled, tough, but resolution-based family lawyer whether she is negotiating marriage and cohabitation agreements or resolving divorce and separation cases. To her clients, she is known as calming, and compassionate, yet straightforward and efficient. Cheryl takes great pride in having closely worked with and mirroring the principles and work ethics of three family law lawyers who were subsequently appointed as judges of the Superior Court of Justice, Family Court Branch.

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Nadia Conte

Nadia’s experience and unique background in psychology helps her to relate to clients in the most caring, compassionate and empathetic manner. She strives to understand her clients on a personal level and determine their needs and interests. In doing so, she can better assist them with the great trials, tribulations, and immense joys that come along with the challenging job of parenting and the critical and delicate issues for those experiencing separation and divorce.

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Farnaz Mirshahi

Farnaz has worked exclusively in the area of family law since her call to the Bar and has received advanced training in Negotiation, Mediation, and Collaborative Practice. She articled and worked directly with the now Madam Justice Fryer (Superior Court of Justice) from 2012 until her Honour’s appointment to the Bench in 2015.

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Tricia Alcendor

Tricia Alcendor obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from York University in Toronto, Ontario and her Bachelor of Law degree from University of Sheffield from the United Kingdom. She was called to the Ontario Bar in 2014.  Tricia articled at a well-respected litigation boutique firm where she was exposed to various aspects of litigation in the construction, civil, commercial and family law contexts. 

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Our Staff

Lenore Crosby

Lenore Crosby is the office manager and Law Clerk working with Cheryl Suann Williams.

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Ashley Lyon

Ashley Lyon is a Law Clerk working with Cheryl Suann Williams.

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Helen Sgro

Helen Sgro is a Law Clerk working with Farnaz Mirshahi and Nadia Conte.

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Colleen Hardie

Colleen is the Consultation and Intake Coordinator with Williams Family Lawyers.

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Tristan Williams

Tristan is the Intake Coordinator and Legal Assistant with Williams Family Lawyers.

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