Focusing on the Children

Custody & Access

Like you, our focus is on your children's best interests. Protecting your children from the turmoil of separation or divorce while ensuring an outcome that protects their well-being is paramount.


Determining Custody & Access

Each family's situation is unique, and each child custody and access arrangement should be tailored to the specific needs of the children involved. At Williams Family Lawyers, we will partner closely with you to learn about your family, your relationship with your children and their needs. By working as a team, we can craft a parenting plan that benefits your children and protects your right to a meaningful relationship with them.

Making the Best Decisions for Your Children

Communication is essential in building a parenting plan that takes into account who will make important decisions, where your children will live and how often they will see each parent. No matter how strong the emotions in your separation or divorce, you will need to communicate effectively today in order to ensure you have a working relationship in the future. You and the other parent will still need to share information about your children; facilitate your children's movements between the homes; and make major decisions about their education, health and religious upbringing.

There are alternative options to court that can help you and the other parent come to a more cordial, more cost-effective and less time-consuming arrangement, including collaborative law and mediation. Deciding custody and access outside of court allows you to own the decision-making process and create a parenting plan that works for your family.

We can support you through these processes or, when necessary, take your case to court to determine issues such as:


Your children may live with one parent or both parents equally, or have some other arrangement. Facilitating movement and making sure they have stability are important. Where they live will also influence child support.


If you have custody, you will be able to make decisions about health, religion, education and other important aspects of your children's lives. Joint custody means you share decision-making with the other parent.


The time that children spend with each parent is important to their sense of stability after separation. We can help parents work out access arrangements that will minimize disputes.

Changes to Custody & Access

As your children grow and their needs change — or one parent decides to move away — you may need to change your custody and access arrangements. Your separation agreement should be flexible and allow for renegotiation of your parenting plan. If you cannot settle your differences and work out a new parenting plan between you, it may be necessary to seek a variation in court.