Vigorous Litigators in Family Court


Williams Family Lawyers has a rich tradition of getting results in court.
While we advocate for alternative dispute resolution options, we know there are times when court is the best option. When mutual cooperation simply will not work or there are signs of abuse, manipulation or dishonesty, we will be your fierce advocates in court.


Making Your Day in Court Successful

Court can be intimidating, but with the right lawyers on your side, you can put much of that worry aside. At Williams Family Lawyers, our goal is to make this difficult process easier for you. We are prepared to be your logical voice during times of emotional turmoil, and your skilled and sympathetic support every step of the way. We will help you understand:

The Process: We will explain all steps of the litigation process, from the initial documents to your first appearance before a Clerk or Dispute Resolution Officer and Case Conference. We will also discuss what to expect during the Settlement Conference, Trial Management Conference, and during the Trial itself.

Your Rights & Obligations: We will let you know what you can and cannot reasonably ask for in your case. We will also pull from our decades-long history as a recognized family firm to give you an honest assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your case.

Settlement: Many cases that appear to be headed for Trial end up resolving at any one of the steps in the litigation process. We will help you make informed decisions during every negotiation.