A Material Change in Circumstances


After your separation, custody or support issues are resolved, you may settle into a routine. Life, however, is never as predictable as a piece of paper might make it seem. At Williams Family Lawyers, we can help you if your court order/agreement is no longer suitable for your needs, the other party refuses to follow the order or the other party has asked for a variation.


When Can You Get a Spousal Support Variation?

A spousal support variation can be sought when there has been a material change in circumstances. Whether a judge will find your change material depends on the unique facts of your case.

Some instances where changes to spousal support orders may be possible include:

  • A significant increase or decrease in the payor's income, including job loss and retirement.
  • A financial change in circumstances for the payor or recipient.
  • The recipient's failure to make reasonable efforts to find employment or become self-sufficient.
  • Remarriage or child birth.

A family firm built on a rich history of success and a lasting commitment to clients, we have become the go-to firm for families throughout York Region and the Greater Toronto Area. We consider many of our clients an extension of our firm's family, and they come back to us with family law questions or when they need to request a variation. Whether you have worked with us before or are looking to hire us for the first time, we are dedicated to giving you quality service focused on compassion, integrity and results.


When Can You Get a Child Support Variation?

If there has been a change in circumstances that would lead to a different child support amount, you can submit an application to vary child support. The most common changes in circumstance are financial changes (such as job loss or gain) and changes to custody and access.

Variations to Child Custody & Access

There are many reasons why people request child custody variations, ranging from a child's desire to spend more time with one parent to a parent's desire to move out of town.

If you and the other parent agree on the changes you would like to make to child custody and access, we can help you file the proper paperwork to request the change and address corresponding issues such as child support.

If you and the other parent disagree, you have options. You could consider discussing your differences in mediation or litigating them in court. Either way, we will stand by your side, representing your interests during discussions, or vigorously litigating for your parental rights in court.