Finding the Right Path for You

Alternatives to Court

Your family law case does not have to be a long and contentious dispute.
There are other options to an expensive, time-consuming and stressful courtroom battle. These options include mediation, arbitration and collaborative family law.


Why Choose an Alternative to Court?

Judges usually do not have a lot of time to get to know you or craft solutions that consider your family's unique needs. When you and the other party work together to solve your problems, you are likely to save money and time, and come up with creative, lasting solutions.

At Williams Family Lawyers, in Markham, we will help you decide whether out-of-court methods are appropriate for you, and succeed at whatever method you choose.

Choosing the Best Method for You

If you cannot resolve your family law issues through negotiation, there are numerous alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options available to keep your case out of court, including:

Mediation: You will meet with a mediator, who is a neutral third party. The mediator will help you communicate and find common ground, and may be able to suggest solutions that have not occurred to you.

Arbitration: This ADR option is similar to court, but less formal and usually far less time-consuming. Unlike court, you can pick your own arbitrator. During arbitration, you and the other party will be able to tell your side of the story. The arbitrator will then evaluate the information and make a decision.

Mediation-Arbitration (Med-Arb): This process begins as a mediation. If talks get stalled and some issues cannot be reconciled, an arbitrator (who is often also the mediator) will decide any remaining issues.

Collaborative Family Law: You, your spouse and both of your lawyers agree to work together to find solutions. Other professionals such as accountants, child psychologists and business valuators are called in as necessary. Both sides agree that if you find you need to go to court, you will start over, with new lawyers, and nothing you said during the negotiations can be used against you in court. This motivates both sides to work together.

These alternatives are not right for every case. If you are going through an explosive dispute or one party has more power than another, having a judge decide your case may be your best option. No matter which option you choose, Williams Family Lawyers will stand confidently by your side. Our lawyers are tenacious advocates, in and out of court.